Sacred Liturgy and Music

Teaching Materials

Resources for teachers of music to children or adults.  Orchestral and Vocal training materials, music history, curriculum, and classroom materials for teaching music. 

Hymns, Psalms and Canticles

Hymns in English, Spanish and Latin in the public domain.  Psalm tones, and resources for the sung Divine Office.  Songs for events outside of Mass, such as processions and mission events. 

Liturgical Resources

Printable Liturgy Guides for the congregation,  instructions and guidelines, archival books, clergy and altar server training materials and tutorials.  Resources for baptisms, funerals and weddings.  

"To see churches, the service of the Divine Worship, the piety in prayers, the dexterity in singing, the tidiness and ornateness of the altars, the respect and magnificence with which the Blessed Sacrament is served, caused in me on the one hand an inexplicable tenderness, but on the other hand shameful confusion, noticing such a big difference between some pueblos that have just left pagan barbarity, and the other ones... old Christians, who should go and learn from the former ones to venerate and to serve." 
        -Fray José de Peralta, Bishop of Buenos Aires, 1743, regarding the Reductions